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Cavityn™ is not your ordinary dental product. It's an innovative formula combining the best of science and nature, designed specifically to rejuvenate your teeth and gums.

It tackles the most common dental issues head-on. Its advanced formula effectively fights against dental plaque, keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

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Why Choose Cavityn?

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Cavityn is manufactured on US soil.

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Cavityn is a Good Manufacturing Practice.

All Natural

All ingredients are pure, natural, and carefully sourced.

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Cavityn is manufactured according to the latest standards.

Advanced Oral Health Supplement

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  • 100% All Natural Ingredients
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Cavityn Proven By Thousands

cavityn buyer
Clara H.

"Cavityn felt like a dream come true. All those years dreading the dental chair and here's a simple dropper full of liquid making all the difference.

I wake up without that bad taste in my mouth, and my morning routine feels so much cleaner. Plus, no more horrible breath when I talk to people. I've regained my confidence."

cavityn customer
Marcus E.

"It's astounding. With Cavityn, not only did my receding gums begin to look better, but the constant discomfort and sensitivity in my teeth vanished. 
What's even more astonishing? My snoring has reduced, which my wife happily pointed out. I never expected a dental solution to impact my life this way!"

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Rosalind C.

"I was always a bit skeptical about 'natural solutions', but Cavityn proved me wrong.

Not only are my teeth looking brighter, but the pockets in my gums seem to be healing.

It's been ages since I've been able to enjoy cold ice cream without wincing. This is not just a product; it's a life-changer."

What is Cavityn?

Cavityn represents a breakthrough in oral healthcare, distinguishing itself as a sophisticated tincture dedicated to enhancing dental wellness from the inside. This advanced formula works at a systemic level, targeting the fundamental aspects of oral health. By focusing on the rejuvenation of dental stem cells, Cavityn provides quick and effective results, setting it apart from traditional oral care products.

One of the remarkable aspects of Cavityn is its wide range of benefits. It is meticulously formulated to address various dental issues. This includes reducing inflammation and tenderness in the gums, a common concern for many. Additionally, it actively works to prevent the formation of dental plaque and cavities, crucial elements in maintaining oral hygiene. This comprehensive approach ensures that Cavityn is not just a temporary fix but a long-term solution for oral health.

At the core of Cavityn's effectiveness are its natural, potent ingredients. These components have been carefully selected for their proven benefits in dental health. They are not only safe for regular use but have also undergone rigorous clinical testing to ensure their efficacy. These ingredients play a crucial role in regenerating dental stem cells, which are vital for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Cavityn is uniquely equipped to tackle a range of oral health challenges. Its formula is designed to combat free radicals and inflammation, two significant factors that can adversely affect dental health. Moreover, Cavityn helps maintain a healthy bacterial balance in the mouth. This balance is essential for preventing the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and fostering the growth of beneficial bacteria, thereby promoting overall oral wellness.

Beyond just rejuvenating and healing, Cavityn actively strengthens teeth and gums. This is achieved through its ability to form a protective barrier that guards against common dental problems. This barrier function is particularly effective in reinforcing the enamel and ensuring the teeth and gums are resilient against everyday challenges.

Users of Cavityn often report significant improvements in their dental health within just the first week of use. This rapid efficacy is a testament to the high-quality formulation of Cavityn. It underscores the product's ability to deliver noticeable results in a short period, making it a preferred choice for those seeking immediate improvements in their oral health.

How Does Cavityn Work?

Cavityn revolutionizes dental care with its simple yet effective approach, offering an easy-to-follow morning routine for enhanced oral health. Its unique mineral-protein composite is meticulously crafted to naturally strengthen teeth and gums. This formula creates a protective layer that safeguards against common dental issues like cavities, gum disease, and enamel erosion.

Effortlessly integrating into daily routines, Cavityn stands out for its non-invasive nature, making it a convenient addition to dental care practices. It works in synergy with the body's natural processes, ensuring deep and lasting dental health improvements.

Users have reported significant success with Cavityn, noting its effectiveness in addressing persistent dental problems, from reducing sensitivity to strengthening gums, thus attesting to its reliability.

Cavityn offers a holistic solution to a range of dental issues, emphasizing both prevention and treatment. It blends scientific innovation with practical use, positioning itself as a transformative solution in modern dental care.

The formula is enriched with natural ingredients that regenerate dental stem cells, repair teeth, and promote remineralization. It also combats harmful mouth bacteria while nourishing beneficial ones, fostering a healthy oral environment.

Rich in antioxidants, Cavityn enhances the protective barrier of teeth and gums, reducing inflammation and leading to healthier gums, less bleeding, and fresher breath.

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Cavityn Ingredients

All the ingredients in Cavityn are sourced from natural and clean sources, emphasizing the manufacturer's commitment to using only high-quality, natural components. The disclosed list of active nutrients in each serving includes:



Xylitol, a key component in Cavityn, stands out for its oral health benefits. This natural sugar alcohol is distinct from conventional sugars as it does not cause tooth decay. It works by hindering the growth of harmful mouth bacteria, diminishing their capacity to stick to teeth and create plaque. Xylitol serves a dual purpose in Cavityn: it provides a sweet flavor and plays a crucial role in defending against cavities.

Lactobacillus Salivarius

Lactobacillus Salivarius, a type of probiotic, extends its benefits beyond gut health to oral wellness. It assists in maintaining a healthy balance in the oral microbiome, which is key in warding off detrimental bacteria. This equilibrium is essential in preventing issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, and halitosis, thereby promoting overall oral health.


Eucalyptus, a plant from the Myrtaceae family known for its flowering properties, has leaves that are beneficial for oral health. These leaves, rich in ethanol and macrocarpa-C polyphenols, can enhance both dental and gum health. They are effective in reducing bacteria linked to cavities and gum disease. Additionally, Eucalyptus leaves may help decrease plaque accumulation, as well as the incidence of bleeding and inflamed gums.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, a vital nutrient for general health, plays a specific role in enhancing gum health in Cavityn. It supports the repair and rejuvenation of tissues, thereby strengthening gums and increasing their resistance to diseases. This contributes to maintaining healthier gums and overall oral well-being. Moreover, Vitamin C's antioxidant properties help combat inflammation, further protecting the gums from conditions like gingivitis. 

Green and White Tea Extracts

Green tea, originating from the Camellia sinensis plant, is celebrated for its therapeutic properties, particularly its rich content of epigallocatechin (EGCG) polyphenol, known for its antiviral and antioxidant capabilities. These attributes help in protecting against bacteria-induced tooth decay by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. Similarly, white tea, derived from the same plant, is considered for its dental benefits in Cavityn. It's rich in antioxidants, fluoride, catechins, and tannins - elements that strengthen teeth, prevent cavities by shielding teeth from acid attacks, inhibit plaque growth, and curb the proliferation of plaque-causing bacteria.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice offers significant benefits for oral health, nourishing stem cells and fortifying teeth and gums. It aids in remineralization, fostering an optimal environment for oral wellness. Additionally, its antibacterial properties help curb the growth of harmful bacteria, ensuring a balanced bacterial ecosystem in the mouth.

Turmeric Extract

Turmeric, a renowned Indian spice, has gained attention for its anti-inflammatory properties, particularly in Ayurvedic medicine. It is believed to contribute to oral and dental health through various mechanisms. These include reducing inflammation, inhibiting bacterial growth and spread, enhancing antioxidant activity, treating conditions like gingivitis and periodontitis, alleviating pain and swelling, and aiding in the detection of dental plaques, among other benefits.

Calcium Phosphate

According to Dr. Davis, calcium phosphate plays a crucial role in dental health by nurturing dental stem cells. This process assists in transforming these stem cells into enamel and dentin, thereby fortifying the teeth. Regular intake of calcium phosphate could potentially lead to teeth becoming as robust and mineralized as limpet teeth, which are known for their remarkable strength.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum, while not directly impacting oral health, plays an indirect yet crucial role in Cavityn's effectiveness. It acts as a binding agent, ensuring that active ingredients are uniformly distributed and effectively delivered within the mouth. Additionally, it maintains the formula's consistency and integrity, contributing to the overall performance of the product.

Monk Fruit Extract

Monk Fruit Extract, a natural sweetener recognized for its health benefits, imparts a delightful flavor to Cavityn without causing tooth decay, unlike traditional sugar. Combined with other ingredients, it enhances Cavityn's effectiveness. These components work together synergistically, tackling not just isolated symptoms but also the underlying causes of dental problems, embodying a holistic approach that positions Cavityn as a sustainable solution for oral health.

Benefits of Cavityn

  • Strengthen Your Gums and Teeth: Cavityn, infused with potent ingredients like Xanthan gum, turmeric extract, aloe vera juice, eucalyptus, green tea, vitamin C, xylitol, and calcium phosphate, is dedicated to enhancing the strength of your teeth and gums. These components play a vital role in fortifying these structures, making them more resilient to daily wear and tear. The unique formulation of Cavityn revitalizes teeth and gums, ensuring their health and robustness. This rejuvenation is crucial in maintaining a bright, vibrant smile, reflecting the fundamental importance of strong teeth and gums in overall oral health.
  • Effective Plaque Removal: It addresses the persistent issue of plaque, a leading cause of various dental problems, with its effective plaque removal capabilities. By preventing plaque buildup and actively removing existing plaque, it plays a crucial role in averting tooth decay and gum disease. The powerful ingredients in Cavityn are specifically formulated to support this plaque elimination process, thereby reducing the risk of tooth cavities and gum diseases, and ensuring healthier teeth and gums.
  • Enamel Strengthening: It is designed to bolster the strength of tooth enamel, the critical outer layer that endures constant wear and tear. Its specialized ingredients focus on reinforcing and fortifying enamel, thereby enhancing the overall resilience and durability of the teeth. This enamel strengthening is a key aspect of Cavityn's approach to comprehensive dental care. By enhancing enamel integrity, it helps protect against the effects of acidic substances and daily dietary choices. 
  • Elimination of Bad Breath: Cavityn tackles the discomfort and embarrassment of bad breath by addressing its root causes, ensuring that your breath remains fresh throughout the day. As a natural outcome of maintaining a healthy oral environment, Cavityn supports fresh breath. This contributes to oral hygiene, pairing the confidence of a radiant smile with the reassurance of consistently fresh breath.
  • Protection Against Cavities: This is specifically formulated to safeguard against cavities and tooth pain. Its carefully selected ingredients actively combat tooth decay and erosion, thereby significantly reducing the risk of dental discomfort. This protective action not only addresses current oral health issues but also provides a shield against future dental problems, ensuring long-term oral well-being.
  • Overall Oral Health and Hygiene: Cavityn, enriched with ingredients like Xanthan gum, turmeric extract, aloe vera juice, eucalyptus, and green tea, is designed to enhance overall oral health and hygiene. It goes beyond targeting specific dental problems by fostering a healthier oral environment. This comprehensive approach contributes to the well-being of the entire mouth, promoting long-term oral health.

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60 - Days Money Back Guarantee
Use Cavityn™ Supplement as directed for 60 days. And if you aren’t a believer, simply return the bottle even if it’s empty and we’ll give you a complete refund. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Cavityn offers a comprehensive solution for oral health, effectively aiding in plaque removal and eliminating bad breath. It provides robust protection against cavities and gum disease, thereby significantly enhancing overall oral wellness.

Cavityn, upon ingredient analysis, seems to be a safe option for oral care. However, it's important to remember that overuse of any product can lead to undesirable side effects. An additional factor contributing to its safety is the manufacturing process. Each bottle of Cavityn is reportedly produced in the United States, in a facility registered with the FDA and compliant with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). This ensures strict and sterile production conditions, further affirming the product's safety and quality.

On average, shipments to the United States will take anywhere between 3 and 5 business days, whereas international orders require at least 15 business days. Due to high uncertainty, it is difficult to estimate a precise timeframe for international orders.

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Incorporating Cavityn into your daily oral hygiene routine is straightforward. Begin with flossing and brushing to clear debris and food particles. Then, use 2ml of Cavityn, allowing it to act on the affected areas. As it stays in your mouth, enjoy its natural, refreshing flavors. It's advised to wait for 30 minutes before eating or drinking for maximum effectiveness. Users typically see notable results within the first week, with optimal results often achieved in 3-6 months. However, factors like genetics, diet, and stress can influence individual outcomes, and regular dental check-ups remain important. Cavityn's 100% natural formulation is generally safe, with very few users experiencing discomfort or sensitivity. Nevertheless, those on medication, with allergies, or existing medical conditions should consult their dentist or doctor before using Cavityn.

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Refund Policy:
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If you didn’t experience any benefits with Cavityn, or if you’re unhappy with the supplement for any reason, then you are entitled to a complete refund within 60 days of your original purchase.

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